Why do I have to log in?

We try to make the TFC as simple and accessible as possible, so most of our site is posted publicly. However, there are some things that we can't or don't want to make available to the whole world.  Here are some reasons you would need to sign in. 

Copyrighted Material

Some material is copyrighted, and we can't distribute it publicly.  For example, we have to have a special license for each person to whom we distribute Bible quiz question sets that are generated by the official QuizMaster software; therefore, we limit access to those sets to coaches only.

Protecting Personal Information

In the interest of protecting the phyiscal and emotional safety of our teens, we avoid posting any personal information publicly, even last names. (See our full Privacy Policy.)  For things like our contact directory, we require a log in, so that only approved members of our community can view it.

Internal Use

Some parts of the website are used for internal use only, such as planning for events, or sensitive information for the Board of Directors.

How do I get permission to log in?

Our site requires a Google Account to sign in, which must then be approved by a site administrator.  If you don't have one already, you must first create a Google Account (it can be any email address).
Please send an email to director@tfcnw.org to request permission, and be sure to include the email address you would like to use to log in. 

I still can't log in,

and I'm supposed to have permission.  What do I do?
Try signing in to Google first, and then come back to log in to TFC.
Try the alternate sign in page, and choose "Sign in with a different email".