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Regionals 08

posted May 9, 2008, 9:16 PM by Adam Borries   [ updated May 12, 2008, 7:53 AM ]


by Pam Demmer
This year's regional tournament at Camp Berachah was one of the biggest. We had 61 quizzers and 33 volunteers for a total of 94 people. Faithful Marie brought a team and some adults from Idaho and Spokane to participate with us.

The weekend started out with a bang Thursday evening with worship, fun games, and sharing by Adam. The speakers' theme for the weekend was grace.

Jesse Weatherby led the worship team on guitar, with Danelle Roosendaal also on guitar, Rachel Finkbonner on bass, Jeremiah Finkbonner on drums, and, last but not least, Megan Demmer on keyboard. They did an amazing job.

Friday morning's speaker was Steve Forbes who (through no fault of his own) arrived just in the nick of time.

During free time most of the kids headed for the gym to play basketball, volleyball or swim in the pool while some of us tried to catch up on sleep.

Friday evening we played a game outside in the snow, rain, sleet, and mud called Bible Smugglers. After this most people cleaned up and then warmed up in the pool until 10:00.

The speaker on Saturday morning was Neil Ahrens with John Kimble sharing on Sunday. Thank you Adam, Steve, Neil, and John for sharing with us and challenging us to see God's grace in a different light.
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Saturday evening we had a bonfire with smores, singing and sharing.

We quizzed 10 rounds on Friday with 10 more on Saturday for a total of 20 rounds for the weekend.

Sunday at 9:30 we started the final 3 competition. The 3 top teams, Wal-Mart Smilies, Gentile Sinners, and Bond Servants, went head to head for 4 rounds until a winner was finally crowned: The Bond Servants, with a whopping score of -30. Thyatira won the Christian Character Award. Congratulations to both teams!
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