Tony's Coffee Fundraiser

Tony's Coffee, who supplies our Perfect Blend Espresso Booth, has agreed to help us with a fundraiser by supplying their product to us at discount price.  Teens for Christ students have the opportunity to sell this premium coffee as a fundraiser for TFC trips or church events.

This is organic, fair trade coffee; are selling 12 oz bags for $11 each, which is less than what this coffee sells for in the grocery store.

Organic, Fair Trade

Premium Organic Coffee

$11 per
12 oz. bag

This is less than the cost of this coffee at the grocery store!

How it works: 
  1. Coffee-buyers will pre-purchase the coffee from you, using the order form below.

  2. Submit your orders and the money you have collected to TFC by April 7.

  3. Coffee will be ready for you to pick up and deliver to your customers at the TFC Office after April 14. 

  4. You will receive $4 for every bag of coffee you sell, which will be credited to your TFC account.  You may choose to apply the funds your raise towards Regionals or Nationals, or a church missions trip, camp, or other ministry opportunity of your choice.

Order Form:

Pick up an order form at the TFC office, or print out your own by clicking here:

TFC Director,
Feb 17, 2012, 2:37 PM